reborn in the Magiclife 在美极客重生


Before joining the Magiclife, the whole face was completely unpresentable. After upgrade to 3 MB get a lot of products , there were 1 peptides in the morning and evening, 1 apple at noon, and a little bit peptide to spray the face at the noon. When it was used for 2 months, the peptide was out of stock. After that, only apple and male spirits were used, and the apple mask was 2 times a week.

非常感谢公司 和您还有财富女神 [玫瑰][玫瑰]

让我重生了在美极客让我赚到了美丽 还让我赚到了自由财富

Thanks to the company and you and the goddess of wealth, I am reborn in the Magiclife to make me beautiful and make me earn the wealth freedom.